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Public Data Office or PDO

  • The PDO (Public Data Office) is a small business or individual that provides public Wi-Fi access through a PM-WANI compliant device and network.

  • The PDO is responsible for providing internet access to the public through PM-WANI hotspots, which can be accessed by users through a mobile application and a one-time authentication process. The main aim of PM-WANI is to provide affordable and accessible internet to citizens and to enable small entrepreneurs to become internet service providers.

Public Data Office Aggregator or PDOA

  • The PDOA (Public Data Office Aggregator) is a category of entities that are responsible for the registration, on-boarding and management of PDOs (Public Data Office) in the PM-WANI ecosystem.

  • The main function of the PDOA is to act as an intermediary between the PDOs and the CSPs (Common Service Providers) that provide the underlying internet connectivity and other services.

  • PDOAs also facilitate the registration and on-boarding of new PDOs, and are responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations set by the government for PM-WANI.

Application or App Provider

  • The PM-WANI App Provider is a category of entities that develop and provide the mobile application for users to discover and authenticate to PM-WANI hotspots.

  • The mobile application is responsible for the user's authentication process, providing a list of nearby PM-WANI hotspots, and maintaining the user's session while connected to the hotspot.

  • It also allows the user to rate the quality of service provided by the PDO (Public Data Office) and also the user can view the usage and the balance of data.

  • The PM-WANI app provider may also provide additional features such as the ability to purchase additional data or plans, and manage the user's account.

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